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VF Visual Ethnography Series
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VF Visual Anthropology Series (English Version)  
Since ancient times, the magnificent Onbashira Festival (Nagano Prefecture, Japan) has been held only once every six years, in the years of the Tiger and Monkey. The festival revolves around felling large trees in the mountains, hauling the logs down to Shrine compounds and then revering them as gods. The festival is made up of a number of ceremonies and rituals, such as the Ki-otoshi (log chute), Kawa-goshi (river crossing) and Tate-onbashira (raising of the pillar). This film is a complete record of Onbashira, the biggest pillar-raising festival in the world.

[DVD 60mins] Library Use J¥32,000 (tax excluded)
Personal Use J¥8,000 (tax excluded)

■ The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Thanatology of Tibetan Buddhism
What does death means to the living?
“Tibetan Book of the Dead” is a deep insight and understanding of death, that has been obtained by sincere quest and accumulation of knowledge. It tells that transmigration of souls can be led to their enlightenment. And it is still read besides a dying person.
This illumination film, based on the latest research, explains the most essential tenets of the book in simple and clear terms. Showing computer graphics of mandalas and thangkas, and precious footage of Tibetan death rituals including a sky burial, this documentary guides you to the Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism to understand death.

[DVD 37mins] Library Use J¥15,000 (tax excluded)
Personal Use J¥5,000 (tax excluded)